Friday, January 02, 2009

Love civilized the world and the Mankind in it

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! We start this year's first post with the poem that we wrote for printing in our wedding reception invitation! Though it didn't find a place in the invitation, it is finally published today, after three years of hibernation, on this blog! We would be glad to know what you feel about our thoughts and words!

With thanks & regards,

Vijay & Harrini.

Love welcomed Mankind to this Earth!
Love made pairs out of men & women;
Love made families out of groups;
Love, in its course, created civilization!

Love defined the kith & kin!
Love taught acceptance of each other;
Love determined the basis of humanity;
Love, in romance, evolved to Marriage!

Marriage united lovers in Life's journey!
Marriage made relatives out of strangers;
Marriage made parents from couples;
Marriage meant happiness for the families!

Marriage transformed dreamers to achievers!
Marriage succeeded when spouses were friends;
Marriage glorified companionship for life;
Marriage, thereby, immortalized Love!