Saturday, February 28, 2009

Astronomical Auscultations

Dear All,

This is a poem I wrote in 1997, during my second year MBBS, for my college's wall magazine! As I expected, it confused everybody! Now, let me see how the new readers react. Comments please!

Yours Always Musically,
Dr J Vijay Venkatraman.

Astronomical Auscultations

To the twinkling stars - I tell a word,
You are dead altars - the truth appears weird!
Still you're adored by this dunces' old world:
As synonymous with the great Santa Claus' beard!

Oh! Mother Earth - Her feminine nature matches none:
Obviously, of these labyrinthine minds, She's just one!
Stars may give Her the melody of enchanting tone;
But will they ever cater to Her the peacock throne?

There's something to say on the milky Moon -
Would it become evergreen to enlighten the noon?
Hope says the boon will arrive very soon:
Before the speculations avalanche a mental typhoon!

Worldly wise people know what's that's real
Living closest star that grants all the fuel -
To run life on the globe in this trial
Method of life - the Sun which's the revival!

There the dawn's approaching - the night to end
When His omnipotent rays - come to mend
The irrational minds for their ignorance to descend
On that fine morning - She'll know the Legend!

Date of CVS (Celestial Vital-Astronomical System) Examination: 10-07-1997