Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Hit' Song!

I'm told that song is a 'hit'!
Yet to me, it's a "super hit" -
Not on the telly's charts, but hard
On my poor little heart!

While I hear it as glorified noise;
Some term it youth's voice!
Hmmm! What do I say when they
Declare it the music of their day?

I'm surprised, with musical bombs
Exploding to applauses of aplomb,
How music could get so re-defined
With its soulful content quarantined!

Hot or sweet, a song needs to convey
The intended flavor in its genuine way!
With no power and life seen in reflection,
How can it be a musical composition?


Anupama said...

Wow! What a great put-down. Glorified noise’, too nice! You are very right.
‘Musical bombs’ really scary! Snatching away the gentleness from youth.
The redefined music makes the mood sick.
Yes it surely is not a composition but an imposition!

The poetic way of depicting your feelings for today's music is really appreciated.

Bhupathi said...

Superb! Fantastic poetic composition for the fans of good music. Congratulations for putting it aptly.

logesh said...

dear doctor vijay,
very nice. in tamizh we have edughai and monai, likewise your poem has edhugai monai in english. rhyming is also good.
keep going sir

SAJU said...

Good rhyming - anybody will agree that this is the sceanrio in todays music -- but after all everything has to change -- some for good some for bad

லதானந்த் said...

Lyrics are really so poetic

From the heart who treats diabetic

Meaning fresh and cleaning minds!

Prospect that gives like cleaniminds!

Dr J Vijay Venkatraman said...

Thanks to all friends for these enthusiastic comments!