Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Indian tells the world

Dear Friends,

At last, I have succeeded in my attempt to blog in Tamil! I am glad that the success has coincided with our 60th Independence Day! For those who do not know Tamil, here is the English translation. At this juncture, I must thank my friends Dr Karthika Ramanand and Dr Anandhi Rajkumar for authoring the translation. Please let me know your comments on the thought, wording and the impact of the poem. Now, here you are:

An Indian tells the world
We do not believe that any revolution is violent; that is why
We taught you that independence can be won by non-violence (ahimsa).
We strongly believe that all wounds will eventually heal; that is how
We grew out of the pain of partition and now live as one family.

We never longed for others’ belongings; that is why
Our forces are only for our self-defense and for your help.
Our constitution is secular; that is how
We overcame our diversities and now stand together as Indians.

Like any other family, we too may have our issues; However,
We will resolve them without any external interference.
‘Divide and rule’ may have worked in the past but not now; for
We have realized the worth of staying united.

We have given a lot to you in these sixty years; and now:
It is our turn to give you the fruits of our leadership.
Support our growth for the stronger and better - so that in this path
We can guide you through the future generations.


Manon said...

When the art of expression couples with dynamic & individualistic thoughts - the result could be as beautiful as your poetry.. !! Kudos Vijay !! I am proud to be an Indian !!

jeelani said...

what a feeling. great thoughts, expressed in a very pleasant way

Rakhi said...

Dear Dr. Vijay your's feelings are true, wonderfully expressed thoughts...and yeah Thanks for the comment to my article on IR, I am really thrilled to receive comments from a person like U who is well versed with Maestro's Music.